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Climate Change - The Basics

Climate Change Definition

Climate change is defined as a considerable change in weather patterns over a longer period of time which can last from a few decades to a few millions years. It may involve a change of weather patterns in general or a change in distribution of weather such as increased occurrence of extreme weather events. As opposed to the normal daily weather changes and seasonal variations, climate change is a result of changes in the factors such as changing ocean currents, plate tectonics, changes in the intensity of solar radiation, volcanic activity and human activity. The latter has been shown to be responsible for the current climate change. Evidence of Climate Change

The scientific community agrees that there is no doubt that the Earth’s climate is changing and that human activities such as fossil fuel burning and deforestation. They also agree that these are the number one cause of rising levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which in turn are warming our planet. The scientists know that from a number of indicators that reveal significant and lasting changes in climate patterns when compared to normal climate variations in the Earth’s past. Indicators of climate change include: