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UK Climate Policy

Although the world’s leaders are accused of doing nothing to tackle climate change, the UK’s Government has been very active on the issue. In the so-called Carbon Plan that was published in late 2011, the Government extensively explained what has been done so far to reduce the UK’s carbon footprint and what will be done in the future. About the Carbon Plan

The Carbon Plan describes how the UK will reduce its carbon footprint while preserving energy security and keeping the costs for consumers as low as possible. But the plan also offers an insight into the progress that was made so far. UK’s Carbon Footprint Over Time

The Future

By 2050, the UK’s Government plans to cut the country’s carbon emissions for 80%. How? Through increased energy efficiency in all sectors and replacement of fossil fuels with electricity which in turn will be generated from renewable sources and nuclear power. But the Government also plans to utilise a variety of technologies in order to prevent the country becoming too dependent on a single technology.